PR intelligence for innovative brands.

PR intelligence for the most innovative brands.

who we are

Founded in 2002, we are the leading boutique PR firm in Brazil. With staff in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and strong partners all over Latin America, we offer a full range of communications services, to both Brazilian and international clients. Overall, we know how to translate global strategies into local successful campaigns and as well as to replicate local experiences into global programs.

With backgrounds in management, marketing, advertising, public relations, journalism, data science and design, we are passionate about helping our clients develop long-term relationships with stakeholders such as journalists, influencers, B2B clients, employees and consumers. We are, above all, business consultants with a special ability to drive results through content and relationships.


what is PR intelligence?

PR intelligence is the present and future of brand communications. We believe that the role of a PR team is no longer as simple as generating positive stories to build a solid reputation. It is not a scope of work based on pitches, press releases and interviews; activation of influencers; social networking and crisis management - although we still do all of that - and do it well!

Our real role today is to help you. To help you figure out who and where your true audience is. To help you identify where the conversation about your brand is actually happening. To help you navigate through data and uncover aspects of your audience you never even imagined. To help you make sense of the new opportunities you have now to connect directly with your customer. To help you decide where you should invest your time, energy and money. And, finally, to prove -yes, PROVE- the positive impact of PR on the company's results.

The conversation shifts, but it goes on. We can make sure you keep leading it.


what we do, in a nutshell 


chosen by some of the top innovators

What differentiates is us is our ability to turn complex, behavior-changing innovation into great consumer and B2B stories that reach any audience. Our client portfolio includes companies that changed the way we do day-to-day activities such as driving, watching TV and making voice calls, revolutionized the media and the shopping experience and much more. Get in touch with us to find out how we helped these clients and many others.


how do we do it?