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In Brazil, as in many global markets, we've been witnessing a crisis in traditional media. As outlets regroup, many seasoned and influential journalists are coming up with their new content hubs and specialized events. Podcasts and newsletters are on the rise. Segmented branded content has been giving constant visibility to savvy brands. Influencer outreach won't lose momentum. Social media still has opportunities in organic and paid. Tier 1 media is highly competitive, but the right strategy can pay off.

As an agency, our role is to help you contextualize your current results, make sense of these new and well-known opportunities, and direct your (always limited) resources and investments. And show you options to influence your audience, communicate your news, educate your stakeholders, connect with your customers, protect your brand, coach your team and even acquire new business.

And if the plan does not fit your budget, we can help you focus and stage your initiatives.

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