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it's about looking at data and charting a path;

In many global markets, we are experiencing a crisis in traditional media. As outlets recover, many experienced and influential journalists launch their new content hubs and specialized events. Podcasts and newsletters are on the rise. Targeted content has given constant visibility to more experienced brands. Influencers hold their power. Social media has opportunities in organic and paid. Tier 1 is highly competitive, but the right strategy still yields incredible results.

We can help you leverage 21st century assets such as data analytics, artificial intelligence and the latest performance KPIs to do what PR does best: influence perceptions, communicate your news, educate your stakeholders, connect with your customers, protect your brand, train your team, and even win new clients.

about creating high impact opportunities;

Today, we invite communications teams to leave labels, departments and silos behind, and challenge them to work together to create opportunities. Unique, original, well-crafted opportunities that bring together two, three, five or more elements of our playbook to generate maximum impact. New media, remixed, reflecting a deep understanding of the needs of customers, journalists and influencers, and especially of your final audience. Creative channels built together by the stakeholders of this ecosystem to generate unprecedented results for your brand.


and generating clear, proven, exponential ROI.

the new PR playbook

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